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Solid Waste and Waste Water Management Services:

Solid waste management is one of the major challenges that cities in developing countries are facing. Municipal solid waste (MSW) is a critical environmental issue in urban areas. Not only does it affect the  atmosphere and health but its improper management impedes attempts to keep cities clean and devoid of health hazards. On the other hand, MSW management activities such as composting, combustion and landfills release greenhouse gases such as methane, nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. In addition, unmanaged waste could clog the drainage system, which would in turn contribute to flooding and water logging in urban areas during the rainy season.

The population of Mingora increased from 38499 in 1972 to approximately over 0.200 million in 2010. Now the total population of Tehsil is 0.6 M coming under the jurisdiction of WSSC for waste management, this necessitates the development of a master plan for disposal of liquid and solid waste for the city.

For the very first time WSSC took waste management with integrated approach and identifies that collection, transportation, treatment, and disposal of waste, together with monitoring and regulation of the waste management process are all essential stages. Lacking in any stage will result in improper disposal of municipal solid waste, which can create conditions that can in turn lead to pollution of the environment and to outbreaks of vector-borne disease.

Solid Waste Management

Waste generation

Tehsil Babozai is one of the biggest Tehsil in Pakistan that faces many challenges. Solid waste management is one of them. Water and Sanitation Services Company Mingora Swat (WSSCS), one of the sanitation utilities, manage waste in 25 urban union councils, mostly comprised of low and middle income localities


The utility use different methods and machinery to collect waste from the localities under its jurisdiction. It uses pushcarts, mini-rickshaw dumper, Suzuki dumpers and tri-cycles to collect waste.

Waste Management (Transfer and transport)

The waste collected from the city is then transported through dumpers, trucks and tractor trolley to Ugdo Maira  site and dumped. There, the waste is fumigated and covered with lime to control stench and hazards it can cause to environment.

Solid Waste Management Team

Mr. Zeeshan Pervaiz

GM Operation

Mr. Muhammad Tahir Khan

 Deputy Manager

Mr. Waqas Khan

 Assistant Manager

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