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Water & Sanitation Services Company Mingora Swat is a public sector company established by The Government of Khybar Pakhtoonkha u/s 42 of The Company Ordinance 1984. The company is working for provision of quality water and sanitation services to the urban Union Councils of Tehsil Babuzai, a population of more than 0.300 Million. The Company is a consumer oriented organization responsible for production, transmission and distribution of potable water to citizens of the city, managing sewerage system within the city to ensure hygienic environment, development of scheme to cover short falls in services and collection of revenues for sustained economic viability.

To be the best in providing water supply & sanitation services, and to surpass the highest expectations of the community and all other stakeholders.

Our Mission

To Provide

  • Water Supply— and Solid Waste Management
  • Waste water disposal and Water resources management to the public  
  • in A safe, reliable, environmentally sensitive and financially responsible manner..

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