Water Supply

Safe and clean drinking water is the most vital amongst all municipal services. Water is essential for a number of domestic needs. Water sector mainly covers the management of the basic resource of water including storage, transportation, access, environmental protection, and infrastructure as well as services involved in providing water to consumers and removing wastewater safely. Water is a diffused sector and pervades many other social and economic domains.

As per a source, about 20% of the whole population of Pakistan has access to safe drinking water. The remaining 80% of population is forced to use unsafe drinking water due to the scarcity of safe and healthy drinking water sources. Above 80% of the people of province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) are utilizing clean drinking water that comes from surface and ground sources. In KP, surface water resources are clean and fit for drinking.

WSSC Swat caters for 52,581 households covering a population of 0.37 million spread over 25 neighborhood councils. In this geographical spread, WSSC has provided 24,375 water connections with an average discharge rate of 140 gallons per household. This is made possible with 69 tube wells, 47 water tanks and 475 km long water pipeline of functional infrastructure.

Water Supply

Restoration of Abandoned Water Supply Schemes

List of abandoned Water Supply Schemes which have been restored by WSSC Swat in 2018-19 are mentioned below. These additional tube wells helped in decreasing the percentage of water deficit as per demand.

  • Water Supply Scheme Mula Baba
  • Water Supply Scheme Surghar
  • Water Supply Scheme Gui  Kada  No.  1.
  • Water Supply Scheme Kargal Faiz Abad.
  • Water Supply Scheme College Colony.

Water Quality Tests

Keeping in view the public health and to avoid water borne diseases, all 42 water tanks were Cleaned and Chlorinated  to maintain  residual  chlorine i.e.  0.2 mg/l as per WHO standard.  In addition  to this more than  400  Rft Pipes relocated  from drains and other vulnerable points. Aqua tabs were also provided to community for the treatment of water on household level. Vulnerable points were also identified  for testing of water quality.  More than  9 water  quality samples were collected from  different  points and tested through  PCRWR  and were found satisfactory for drinking.

Disconnection of illegal water supply connections

Illegal  Connections  not only affect  Revenue  of the  Company  but also mislead  to  efficient strategy towards  future  plan to  be under taken  for  better  Water  Supply  System.  WSSCS Management is very keen regarding elimination of Illegal Connections and total  1624 Illegal Connections were disconnected while hundreds of Connections were regularized and fines were charged from those having Illegal  Connections

Gap Analysis Water Resource

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Success Story

Quantity  and  Pressure  of water  supply  in  “Mohallah  Muhammad Gul  Shaheed” &  “Ishaq Mohallah” was very low from last 8 years. After proper planning and necessary efforts of water supply team  the  people of the above-mentioned areas are now getting  enough water with sufficient pressure.


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