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WSSC Mingora Observes Special Sanitation Month

WSSC Mingora observes Special Sanitation Month (15-Oct-2017 to 19-Nov-2017). The campaign includes but not limited to the below mentioned activities;


  1. Cleaning of drains and weeds from prominent locations.
  2. White washing of Wall Chalking.
  3. Removal of election banners.
  4. Removal of obsolete advertisement material from poles and walls.  Remaining
  5. Removal of stagnant ponds
  6. Printing and dissemination of pamphlets/banners among to the public explaining their due responsibilities to keep their surroundings.


To carry out and manage these activities effectively, WSSC Mingora has divided the designated Union Councils into four zones. Each Zone will be monitored by the concerned Inspector. An extra workforce of 20 sanitary workers will also be outsourced and kept standby to address any shortcomings while meeting the targets of the campaign.

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