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Operationalization of Kawtharo Maira Dumping Site

With the commencement of formal operations in January 2018, WSSC Swat started its disposal in Ogdo dumping site, inherited from TMA under SAMA. However, the said site was located near River Swat and was major cause of the contamination issue of River Swat.
WSSC Swat has been planning to have proper engineered landfill on the acquired land at KawtaroMaira. However, due to stay orders from the court, WSSC was unable to use it till October, 2019 for the desired purpose.

Kawtaro Maira dumping site is operational now while WSSC has also hired the services of a consultancy firm for the design and construction of Engineered Landfill Site on this location, for safe disposal of solid waste.
Currently, trenched have been excavated for waste disposal at site while excavated soil has been transported to Ogdu to cover waste at previous dumping site.

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