Clean The Stream Project

With a growing population like the other major cities of Pakistan, Mingora city also faces an urban problem of inadequate waste disposal. Before WSSC Swat has commenced its operation, People were dumping their waste in empty plots, drains and streams. With passage of time Mingora Stream became dirty and heaps of waste developed in the stream. As the steam, eventually flows into the River Swat, has also remained to be another cause for polluting River Swat.
Several Cleanliness Campaign have been planned and executed to clean Mingora Stream after takeover of WSSC however, due to non-sustainability, these campaigns were not as fruitful as required.
To make Mingora beautiful and safer for its residents and improve sentimental status of River Swat , WSSC Swat launched ‘’CLEAN THE STREAM ‘’ project on Dec 16, 2019. DDAC Chairman Fazal Hakim Yousufzai along with Commissioner Malakand Division formally inaugurated the project. The project continued for six months as per details below;
  • 1. Waste from stream was removed with excavators and Medium dumpers.
  • 2. Two mini dumpers were allocated for lifting waste from houses on the bank of stream.
  • 3. Awareness Banners were displayed on prominent locations along stream and pamphlets were distributed among people.
  • 4. For the passage of water within the stream a uniform section was excavated and the water was gathered there.
  • 5. The sides within stream were converted to green belts and tree were planted with the help of Forest department.
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