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Cleanliness Drive Aug 13, 2017

A Cleanliness Drive activity was scheduled on Aug 13, 2017 to clean main spots of the city. The activity started early in the morning and continued till its completion. Assistant Commissioner Babuzai, Mr. Shahab Khan and CEO (Acting) WSSC, Mr. Asif Khan and Tehsil Nazim, Mr. Ikram Khan monitored the activities of the drive on the following locations of the city.
1. Amankot Chowk to General Bus Stand Mingora.
2. People Chowk Mingora.
3. Mingora Bridge near Police Station Mingora.
4. Casualty Chowk Saidu Sharif.
It was a successful drive fulfilling the purpose to clean the specified locations. Garbage/solid waste and debris from these locations were collected and disposed.

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